Friday, May 22, 2009

The Slingshot

Hai hai...

This is the new drama on KBS Channel 303 every monday and tuesday 9.00 pm. For those who addicted with korean drama don't forget to watch it :D.

Here's the details:-

Also known as: A Man's Story
Genre : Action, romance
TV Premiere: 2009-Apr-06 to 2009-June-09
Production : Screenwriter: Song Ji Na
Director: Yoon Sung Sik
Main Casts : Park Yong Ha as Kim Shin, Park Si Yeon as Seo Kyung Ah, Kim Kang Woo as Chae Do Woo, Han Yeo Woon as Chae Eun Soo, Lee Philip as Do Jae Myung, Park Ki Woong as Ahn Kyung Tae, Lee Moon Shik as Park Moon Ho.
Running Time per Episode : 60 mins
Total Episodes : 20 Eps

The Sypnosis:-

Here is a man who cannot be discouraged by any despair. Now his great revenge begins!!
Kim Shin(Park Yong-ha), a son of rich family, was living as a playboy, but one day his brother's company becomes entangled in a conspiracy of TS Group in the process of merging and closed by bankruptcy. After the bankruptcy, Kim Shin's brother sinks into depression and ends up hanging himself. Due to this incident, Kim Shin sets new goals in his life. He decides to make Chae(the president of TS Group) to commit suicide because of money, and jumps into the stock market. He becomes a cool-headed M&A expert, and makes plans to break TS Group with Do Jae-myeong who has pried into TS Group like him. While trying into TS Group for the revenge, he learns that the president Chae is just a bad guy. Behind all the evil acts, there was the president Chae’s son, Chae Do-wu. With the battle of wits between Kim Shin and Chae Do-wu, the story of their complicated relationships with Kim Shin's ex-girlfriend, Seo Gyeong-a and Chae Do-wu's younger sister, Chae Eun-su unfolds.

Kim Kang Woo, Park Shi Yeon, Park Yong Ha
Enjoy the drama!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



1-cari gambar yang anda suka
2-jelaskan tentang gambar itu
3-kemudian jawab soalan2 yg diberikan

Hensem kan.. wakakakak

The Questions:

1-Apa makanan terakhir yang anda makan?
- Nasi Ayam

2-Apa minuman terakhir yang anda minum
- Air Mineral
3-Apa rancangan television terakhir yang ada tonton?
- Hitz TV
4-Adakah anda suka rancangan tersebut?
- Of Coz.. it's all about muzic

5-Apa yang anda sedang lakukan?
- Jawab ni Tag la...
6-Apa perkara terakhir anda lakukan sebelum menjawab tag ini?
- Chatting
7-Apakah pakaian terakhir yang anda pakai?
- pakaian biasa

8-Apakah yang anda akan lakukan selepas ini?
- g minum petang sama workmate
9-Apakah bentuk sms yang terakhir anda terima?
- men futsal petang ni.. adeh sedih sia

10-Tag seberapa ramai yang anda suka.....
- nda tau sepa mo tag.. wakakakak


Boys over flowers actors which known as F4 group in this drama was Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo, Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo, Kim Bum as so Yi Jung and Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin. Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di as a lead actress.

This drama had 3 versions:-

1. Hana Yori Dango - Japanese

2. Meteor Garden - Taiwan

3. Boys Over Flowers - Korean

Japanese version - I never watch it and i don't know how's the story goes but i guess all the story is same like the other versions.
Mandarin version - I'm not addicted to this version. yeah i watched it but i'm not really into it.
Korean Version - Oh gosh... this drama make me never missed a single episode. i'm really addicted to this korean version.. hahaha
Well i'm glad and happy this drama already finished where Geum Jan di end up with Goo Joon Pyo. Beside feeling glad and happy i'm feeling sad too becoz this drama already finished.. :( I hope there will be Boys Over Flowers 2.. hahahaha
Walaweh... what make me really like this drama becoz.... of coz la the whole story but part of it.. the actors are really good looking, handsome, macho and cute...:P.. Well the actress also cute.. hehehe
F4 saranghae.... hahaha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

today story..

first of all.. i hope it's not too late for me to wish "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" especially to my mom.. i love you..
secondly.. after read virgonz blog about mother.. it's make me cry.. that 's really make me sad..
:( sad story but i guess it's true...
and today.... sia belajar letak shoutmix n lagu kat blog.. terima kasih kat siti kerana ajar saya.. (budak baru belajar) heheh budak ke??
kalau masih ada kurang kat dalam blog ni korang ajarlah saya ok.. :D

Friday, May 8, 2009


hello everybody!!

Finally... this is my blog.. hahah i dun know why i create this blog.. first tym gtu buat blog...

So anyone who's pro. on blogging.. kindly help me out cuz i really dun know...

*Pengaruh dari haori, siti, tnie dan mereka yang selalu chat kat SFC..*